Star Wars Nail and Thread Art

Being pregnant has drained my energy and drive and as a result I have not had the motivation to create many new cosplays.  We also moved to a bigger place.  This meant that there was some decorating to do before the baby arrived.  At the same time I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, because of the soon to arrive baby, so I decided to make a lot of my own art.  I noticed that I didn’t have anything Star Wars inspired in the living room.  To remedy this I made two nail thread art pieces.


Find, the wood backing you want to use, I bought two round pieces from home depot.  My favorite color wood stain is cherry, and I already had some so I used that to stain the two pieces.  This step is optional.

On paper I sketched out an outline of the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon.  I used a measuring tape to mark out every half an inch along the outline.  I decided, after looking at the size of the wood circles,that half an inch would be enough nails to outline the image, but it wouldn’t be too crowded or too much work (hammering nails can take a lot of effort.)  Depending on the size of the piece you are making you may want to adjust the spacing.


Pictured to the left and right are my outline drawings centered and then taped down.  After, I nailed the nails onto each of the marks I had measured out.  The paper should just rip away from the nails after.
I used gray yarn, because I have a lot of grays in my living room and it went well with the cherry wood.  Any color that contrasts with the color of the wood would work well.  It took wrapping the thread around the nails a few different ways until I found a pattern I liked.  And these are the end results.