Jedi Robe




Only a person living under a rock would not realize that the new Star Wars movie is just over two weeks away.  To prepare I have made a Jedi robe to wear to the movie opening day (I am working on the second one for my husband still.)  I am keeping it pretty simple and just wearing the robe since the theaters have guidelines on costumes and I don’t want to risk anything.

My Jedi robe is easy but looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  To start I bought 3.5 yards of a brown stretch knit that was on sale.  I changed the pattern I used for my Sith robes a little.
I started by doubling the material and then cutting the body of the robe out.  Sorry for the poor photo quality but I started this project late one night when I was feeling creative.


I then cut out the hood from the left over material. Sorry once again as I forgot to take a picture of this step but I cut out rough half circle shape, while the material was still doubled, and sewed the two halves together.
I then attached the hood and hemmed the sleeves and the bottom of the robe. Here are some pictures of the robe in the park.