Han Solo Cosplay








Costume – white shirt, black corset, blue skirt with red stripes, black tulle skirt, brown belt, Han Solo belt buckle, and black boots.  I made the skirt, and belt buckle. 

Han Solo was is one of my favorite characters from Star Wars.  And while I love his outfit, I wanted to put a twist on it.

The clay belt buckle before I added the holes or covered it with an aluminum can.

I started with making the infamous belt buckle.  I created the shape out of clay with two holes in the middle.  I placed a ribbon through them and used this to tie the buckle to the belt.  I then covered it with a cut up soda can to give it the metal look.

The skirt is just a circle skirt with red stripes down either side.  This is the video I watched the first time I made a circle skirt and I highly recommend it.  I added an elastic waist band since my material did not have any stretch.

I ordered the shirt off of Amazon, but I had to take the small in a little since it is a guys shirt.  It is still a little big but I did not want the shirt to be very fitted.  The boots and the corset I already had which made things easier.  I had so much fun making and photographing this outfit, it was simple but is one of my favorites to date.