Anchor’s Away Nursery

As much as I love Star Wars, Harry Potter, and LOTR I used every fiber in my body not to decorate the nursery.  I know it may sound silly but I figured she would be getting so much exposure to these things over the next few years of her life I should pick a somewhat different theme.

One of the activities that my husband I bonded over early in out relationship was sailing.  We would go down to the local yacht club on race night and volunteer to be on one of the crews.  It was always a good Thursday night.  I am also missing the beach and the gulf coast recently, which led me to a nautical/ sea theme.  The room is also doubling as an office/ game room for my husband because let’s be realistic the bassinet is going in our room and will probably stay there for at least 6 months.

Since we are renting an apartment there were some things that we did not want to do because of the work involved when we moved out.  This included painting since we would have to paint it back before we left, or anything else that we would have to undo.  It’s ok though because I have recently discovered how easy command strips are to use, and they helped me to create my simple DIY nautical nursery.

What I Did –

I wanted to create a mast with a sail to go over the changing dresser/ table.  And off to home depot we went.IMG_3544-1IMG_3568-1

I then bought a basket off of eBay and stained it, to create the crows nest.


I then used command strips to place the “mast” on the wall and placed the changing dresser in front.


The finishing touch on this was adding a plaque to the changing dresser that says.


The rest of the nursery/ office (small space means it is doing double duty) came together really well in my opinion.


A net that I am going to hang pictures of her on.



An oar I had everyone at the baby shower sign.